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White Oaks Retirement, Manchester, CT

MindSpinDS screens are for companies of all sizes that want to display information to shoppers, workers, clients, residents, patients, or any combination of people.

We provide you with all required equipment and software and teach you how to use our system. You don't have to purchase anything. The equipment is leased and fully insured.

The information you choose to display depends on your type of business and who you are targeting. We will gladly offer advice on content, and can provide you with trivia, news/sports/weather feeds (local to wherever you are located) but YOU control the content. All of it. You decide what you want on-screen, and how long you want each piece of content to run.

We also have a business model where you can utilize your MindSpinDS screen(s) to sell your own advertising, and monetize having them. We will walk you through that as well.

Whether you need just one, or hundreds of TV’s, we can set this up for you anywhere in the United States.

Please call or email for details on how we can customize this for your company and answer any questions you may have.

 More information about MindSpinDS is available at: www.MindSpinDS.com

Lodge at Cold Springs, Rocky Hill, CT

VP of Sales - MindSpinDS:
Andy Zeldin - 860-756-0234 x705


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